Children’s Division

Children’s Division

Children’s Division

The Children’s Division is a wonderful introduction to the art of ballet. Students will explore movement concepts though imagery and music. Age appropriate ballet vocabulary, motor skill development and coordination exercises are part of the syllabus in these class levels. Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes will lay the foundation for more formal ballet training. Placement of students in the Children’s Division is according to age beginning September 1st regardless of prior dance experience.


Children’s Division Class Levels

Creative Ballet I
3 years old by September 1st

Creative Movement I curriculum will place an emphasis on motor skill development, spacial awareness and moving with music. Rhythm instruments, creative props, improvisation and age appropriate ballet vocabulary.  While repetition is essential for proper memory and physical development activities in the class frequently change.  The children learn to work in a group, listen and follow directions and most importantly discover movement possibilities in their own bodies.

Creative Ballet II
4 years old by September 1st

Creative Movement II encourages the continued development of motor skills, coordination exercises and expanding on the basic ballet vocabulary. Additional movement concepts that are introduced include shapes, levels and energy. An emphasis is placed on self discovered movement and musical interpretation in a non-judgmental environment.

Pre-Ballet I
5 years old by September 1st

Pre-Ballet I introduces the students to a little more structure in the ballet class and expand on a variety of movement and musical exercises. While building their ballet vocabulary students are guided through proper warm-ups, ballet barre work, stretching and strengthening exercises. The emphasis is on developing rhythm and coordination of movement while gaining a better understanding of the body.

Pre-Ballet II
6 years old by September 1st

Pre-Ballet II will continue to expand on the ballet vocabulary and increase physical exercise and expand on syllabus from Pre-Ballet I. Greater emphasis is placed on posture, balance, more body shapes and forms through the class barre and center work. Exploration of patterns as a group work is a new component to the training syllabus of this class level. The creative process is still encouraged while building a more formalized approach to the ballet class.